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“I have no doubt we will pull the current crisis and prosper again, but we will only do that if we are united in our concern for each other” Alice Leahy, Director & Co-Founder, TRUST “Are you mad?” I can still remember vividly being asked that question, one morning in the early 70s, by a leading Consultant in the hospital where I more...

24 Feb

New Approach Needed To Tackle Homelessness

Posted by Alice Leahy Trust 24 Feb 08 Categories: News and Press, Sunday Tribune

Dear Madam Your feature on the plight of those who find themselves homeless on the streets of Dublin was very timely. However, the very last paragraph of that two page spread was the most revealing in highlighting the very destructive effects of “increased bureaucracy” which explains to a great extent why we continue to fail so many of those more...

01 Oct

One Morning in Trust

Posted by Alice Leahy Trust 01 Oct 01 Categories: News and Press, Sunday Tribune

by Catherine Cleary & Richard Oakley At last week’s Labour Party conference Alice Leahy stole the show with her three-minute attack on the ‘poverty industry’. Catherine Cleary and Richard Oakley visit centre she runs for homeless people in Dublin. He took a last look in the mirror, fixed his tie, shot his cuffs and puffed out his chest. “The more...